"To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation."

 - The Alchemist 


 001 PURPOSE: 

00lux is a Holistic Wellness company that strives to cultivate a better world. Through a diverse range of modalities, including evidence-based holistic nutrition, meditation and ancient lineage teachings, we educate and empower individuals to find healing or wholeness within themselves and take a deeper dive into their own self-mastery. 



Provide expert tools, techniques and strategies to support personal progress. Render top quality, quantity and spirit of service in our work. Cultivate strategies that are holistic and mutually beneficial to people and the planet. 



Any and all things are possible. Accordingly, we must reorient our spirit, set our compass towards joy, embrace our process and motion towards our highest good. 

 004 VISION: 


It is our vision to embrace and utilize the idea that any and all things are possible. For it is here that we can create a world whereby unity, altruism, compassion and respect triumph discord and disharmony. We believe every person should be granted the opportunity to indulge in the everlasting learning experience of life and have the freedom to enjoy in biological play-fullness and spiritual fulfillment in their life.​ 

 "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." 

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Sometimes it takes a major shift to awaken deeper meaning - and this holds true for 00lux founder Ross Cameron. After the passing of his mother, Ross was gifted two of his greatest lessons. 


The first lesson being “Life is impermanent and our physical hardware is mortal. Accordingly then, one must take advantage of this existence and enjoy life. Laugh lots. Love often. Learn always.” The second lesson of the two being “Our souls are immortal. Energy is not created nor destroyed rather, it merely exists and transforms. Knowing this, one can then begin to understand that they have never been born and therefore, they can never die. Rightly so, this perception can bring forth a new sense of empowerment, clarity, and appetite to lead a life worth living.” 


Since these two major discoveries, he has embarked on an intense journey of study into healing, meditation, metaphysics and the nature of the universe. Through his passion for well being and understanding the dynamic of the self, Ross earned a Certified Nutritional Practitioner designation at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto graduating with First Class Honours and was nominated class Valedictorian. Additionally, he graduated as a Kabbalist, a 2nd Step Ritual Master and a Healer from the Modern Mystery School in Toronto where he was initiated into the Lineage of King Salomon and has since also received initiation as a Celtic Shaman and a Knight Templar.


Ross aspires to use his findings to help facilitate healing within others and allow them to access the tools, techniques and strategies he utilized to discover deeper meaning, fulfillment and purpose. It is his goal to help people; conquer from within, evolve through self-discovery and lead more fulfilling life.


 Certified Nutritional Practitioner [CNP] 

 Certified Life Activation Practitioner [LAP] 

 Certified to Teach Astral Travel 

 Certified to Teach Sacred Geometry 1 

 Certified to Teach The Max Meditation System™ 


 Holistic Nutritionist, earned at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition 

 Meditation Instructor, earned at The Modern Mystery School 

 Teacher, earned at The Modern Mystery School 

 Initiated Celtic Shaman, earned at The Modern Mystery School 

 Initiated Knight Templar, earned at The Modern Mystery School